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Whatever you want do to in Probing, you need a rod to get drilled in the earth. Here you will find all of the rod we offer.

Device Configuration

The Configurator supports you in finding the optimal machine for your needs.

All (Hollow) Rods

You can find (Hollow) Rods with Diameter 22mm, 32mm and 36mm hollow or not hollow in our sortiment.

All Window Sampling Tubes

We offer Windows Sampling Tubes with Diameter 36mm up to 80mm with fixed or removable cutting shoe and nipple M20, M22 or HD.

Manual Drilling Equipment

We offer Hammer and Heads for easy manual drilling.


The RAMBO-System by Nordmeyer GEOTOOL is the possibility to pull undisturbed soil samples. A closed sampling tube with inner plastic liner together with a outer casing tube is drilled simultaneously into the ground by a drop weight.

Slotted Probing Rod

Slotted Probing Rods are offered with 22mm, 25mm, 32mm and 36mm Diameter.

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