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Macintosh (DP-L) set complete

The probe is a simple but very handy tool operated manually. Two lateral handles are used to fully lift up the 10 kg drop weight body. After being released it drops onto the anvil which transmits the energy onto standard 22mm DP-L rods with M16 thread connectors. The equipment is completed by rods, points, thread connectors, tools etc. Nordmeyer GEOTOOL supplies the set including all components which find their allocated place in the transport box. A modular, removable full floating axle system with hand shaft is included which allows for easy transport in ondulated terrain by one person. To store the box in a car or similar the shaft, wheels and axle can be stowed in the box.

Macintosh (DP-L) set complete


Tech­nical Data

Height (Fall)
500 mm
Weight (Fall)
10 kg


Length (Box)
1.140 mm
Width (Box)
440 mm
Height (Box)
190 mm
Length (Probe)
900 mm
Width (Probe)
330 mm
Total Weight
72,5 kg

Spare Parts

Spare Parts

If your Macintosh (DP-L) set complete is broken please take a look at our spare parts. With the below link you will be directed into our spare part area.

Mac­in­tosh (DP-L) set complete



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