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Nordmeyer GEOTOOL is a specialist supplier for high-quality soil investigation rigs and equipment. Rigs and tools for dynamic probing and (window) sampling operations as well as rotary and mud drilling units along with the relevant accessories are made in Germany for local and international markets. Nordmeyer GEOTOOL’s wide product range puts everything into your hands to carry out soil investigation projects in a fast, comfortable and efficient way.






The use of our equipment depends upon a variety of factors like soil conditions, application, means of transport etc. If you do not feel familiar with our products until now why don’t you simply fall back upon the rig Configurator?  Define your required unit according to your prevailing conditions; the Configurator will show you the way!

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GTR 790

In addition to the GTR 780’s functionality this rig can be equipped with hydraulic breaker hammers or rotary drive heads. The dynamic probing rig on crawler GTR 790 has been developed from the GTR 780 version. Powered by a reliable Honda GX 390 petrol engine it is designed to support different add-on components. For example, dynamic probing operations with SPT characteristics or shallow core drilling can be carried out.



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