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LMSR-SPT-HK with Hydraulic Engine

The dynamic probing rig LMSR-SPT-HK is a highly functional soil investigation machine, easy to transport due to the folding mast feature. It is versatilely suitable for working in confined spaces and is displaced in outdoor terrains by hand. It features a three-legged foot with crank legs for solid erection on site. The dynamic probing rig LMSR-SPT-HK can be used for soil-bearing capacity tests, compaction tests and for soil sampling. Dynamic probing standards DP-L, DP-M, DP-H, DP-SH as well as SPT can be carried out. Adaption for different drop weight masses is realized by removing or adding weight bodies at the drop weight mechanism. Drop height can be varied between 50 and 750 mm by means of an adaptor bracket. The integrated three-legged foot with crank legs allows for soil sampling at ease. The dynamic probing rig LMSR-SPT-HK is driven by a hydraulic motor fed by a separate hydraulic power pack. Displacement of drop weight carriage on the mast is hydraulically realized by the mast chain, a manual rope winch is not required. Furthermore the LMSR-SPT-HK version offers the vital advantage that the hydraulic power pack can serve a rod extraction unit as well.


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Tech­nical Data

System Pressure
160 bar
Hydraulic Oil
BP Energol HLP - HM 46


785 mm
780 mm
2.340 mm
Total Weight
227 kg

Addition­al Data

Dynamic Probing

Dynamic Probing
DPL 10 kg
DPM 30 kg
DPH 50 kg
SPT 63,5 kg
Number of Blows
15 - 30 Blows per Minute
Dropping Height
500 / 750 mm
Window Sampling
up to 90 mm Diameter




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