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The machines and products from Nordmeyer GEOTOOL convince you, dear customers, for almost 30 years at home and abroad. We are your reliable supplier and partner when it comes to soil investigation. Of course, Nordmeyer GEOTOOL will always provide you with a proper concept for a holistic solution that includes rods, tools, necessary accessories and consulting. Our products have always demonstrated outstanding quality, a long service life and enormous efficiency. Investing in a first-class device is one thing, operating it on a daily basis is another. Therefore, one of our main focuses is on our services operations. We ensure sufficient stocks, fast logistics wherever your rig is located as well as quick advice even if third-party providers are involved - worldwide! We are pleased that Nordmeyer GEOTOOL is one of the leading suppliers of dynamic probing and soil investigation rig. 

Nordmeyer GEOTOOL - for soil investigation!

Our History


In 1993, Mr. Joachim Müller-Weichbrodt founded GEOTOOL in Herne, Germany. GEOTOOL focuses on the manufacture of dynamic probing rigs for DPL, DPM and DPH processes. The young company quickly gained market acceptance with the idea of technically improved rams, which up to now were only installed on manually movable frames with wheelbarrow wheels and now built on crawler tracks by GEOTOOL. The installation on a crawler track proves to be a clever time saver in the daily work with the rig. From now on, everything that the customer needs at the borehole is on the device itself. There is no need for annoying dragging gear around, which makes work in the field much easier. GEOTOOL specializes in the production of light, compact soil investigation rigs.


The main production site in Berlin is opened. In Berlin-Marzahn, all machines will be assembled, serviced, packed and shipped for a period of 26 years until summer 2020. With Berlin, GEOTOOL gains its own production site and can soon increase the annual number of rigs.


Strategic partners from France are won. This marks the start of GEOTOOL's international business. Strategic partners sell GEOTOOL's products in France, Africa and eventually all over the world. GEOTOOL learns that through a broad network of partners in all corners of the world, good service is possible for the customers.


The market entry in the UK takes place. Over the years, GEOTOOL has steadily gained in importance for geotechnical engineering and secures market shares worldwide. In France, from now on, soil investigation devices are called "Geotool".


The location in Herne is closed. According to a resolution by the management, all work will be concentrated at the Berlin location.


In 2006, NORDMEYER and GEOTOOL found a joint sales unit with equal shares called Nordmeyer GEOTOOL GmbH, based in Peine, Germany. Nordmeyer GEOTOOL sells the products from GEOTOOL and NORDMEYER.


Geotechnik Dunkel GmbH can be won as another strategic partner of GEOTOOL. The Munich, Germany based company takes on the distribution of GEOTOOL products in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein and Slovenia.


In 2012, Nordmeyer is converted into Nordmeyer SMAG and Nordmeyer GEOTOOL remains as an independent entity and 100% subsidiary of GEOTOOL. Nordmeyer GEOTOOL moves to Berlin a short time later.


GEOTOOL and Nordmeyer GEOTOOL are merged. From now on the newly formed company is called Nordmeyer GEOTOOL. Nordmeyer GEOTOOL has a stronger presence due to its direct market access, which is why this name was chosen. Nordmeyer SMAG is still producing drilling rigs at their Braunschweig, Germany site. The companies are not connected except for a business partnership. Mr. Philip Weichbrodt takes over general management of Nordmeyer GEOTOOL.


In 2016, an additional Nordmeyer GEOTOOL location is opened in Haltern am See, Germany. Nordmeyer GEOTOOL is thus returning to its roots in the Ruhr area and will be easier to reach for all customers in this region in the future.


Construction of the new production facility in Werneuchen (near Berlin), Germany and relocation to the same takes place in summer 2020. The old, now much too small, location in Marzahn will be given up. In Werneuchen, Nordmeyer GEOTOOL now has enough space to guarantee holistic customer service.
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