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In addition to our GTR’s, which run with a conventional mast-chain and mechanical drop weight the GTR FSX works with a pneumatic SPT drop weight unit – one of its kind! With the pneumatic drop weight DPM (30 kg / 50 cm drop), DPH (50 kg / 50 cm drop) and most important SPT (63.5 kg / 75 cm drop) dynamic probing and dynamic sampling is possible. The pneumatic drop weight is operated by two air compressors pushing the blow count to more than 40 blows per minute! Drilling at its best, just faster.

The GTR FSX has an integrated hydraulic rod extraction bridge with (real) 14 t pull back force – again, one of is kind! The extraction bridge is moved forward during drilling. Once the required depth is reached the bridge is put back in the same axle of the rods. Rod pulling can start! With a stroke of some 1.4 m the bridge removes the rods out of the ground. Disconnecting the rods is not needed. With the extraction bridge the rods can be safely guided into the air for disconnecting the sampler down at the end once fully removed.

The GTR FSX works fully radio remote controlled for the entire range of its hydraulic functions. This means the operator can stay in front the machine watching the borehole, while being in a safe distance to operations. The radio remote controlled GTR FSX brings a new level of safety to your drilling operations. Furthermore the GTR FSX features different types and sizes of boxes, brackets and containers for all tooling, rods and accessories needed at your drill site. Think of it as a mobile working station on crawlers. No more draging nor lifting of stuff from borehole to borehole needed.

The GTR FSX is a collaboration with UK based drilling company BOREHOLE SOLUTIONS. We are proud to call them our partners! The GTR FSX was designed by drillers and is now a league of its own!


Here you can see a detailed product video of the GTR FSX.

Tech­nical Data

Honda GX 390
Performance at 3.600 RPM
8,7 kW / 11,7 PS
Torque at 3.000 RPM
26,5 Nm
389 cm³
6,1 l
Oil Capacity
1,1 l


2.600 mm
790 mm
Height Transport
1.700 mm
Height Mast
3.100 mm
1.000 kg

Addi­tional Data

Dynamic Probing

Dynamic Probing
DPM 30.0 kg
DPH 50.0 kg
SPT 63.5 kg
Number of Blows
40 - 45 Blows per Minute
Dropping Height
500 mm / 750 mm
Dynamic Sampling
up to 140 mm in Diameter





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