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PR 530

The PR 530 replaces the successful predecessors PR 440 and PR 510. It is the smallest, self driving probing rig we offer. The optimized chassis of the PR 530 can be easily controlled by its two gang circut, the precise steering and the high ground clearance. The extremely short mast is operated fully hydraulic and manual adjustment is not necessary. The pneumatic drop weight for DPM, DPH and SPT testing can be replaced by a DPL weight in a few simple steps. Soil sampling with window samplers diameters up to 80 mm with 460 joules and 35 strokes per minute is ideally possible. The integrated rod extraction unit ensures that the probing material is quickly retrieved. In addition the PR 530 provides a connection for compressed air tools.

PR 530

Technical Data

Honda 270 ccm / Gasolin


L x W x H
1.880 x 790 x 1.400 mm
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