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GTR 780

This compact unit is designed for dynamic probing according to DIN ISO 22476-2 and -3 (formerDIN 4094) and allows for leightweight, medium heavy and superheavy dynamic probing tests by simple drop weight mass adaption on site. Drop heights of 50 cm or 75 cm can be adjusted. Soil sampling with tube diametres up to 90 mm is ideally possible. It is mounted on a self-propelled rubber chain crawler and extremely suitable for rough terrains. Inclines of 30 degrees pose no problems, the mast can be adjusted accordingly, a waterbubble indicates the true vertical position. The rig is fully hydraulic and incorporates an autoreverse valve for the rod extraction unit. A folding mast means compact dimensions for easy transport. The total mast working length is 1.200 mm. Lateral steel boxes for rods and tools and take-up brackets for the hydraulic rod extraction unit, clamps, ground plate and an weather protection umbrella are standard. So all necessary equipment fort he field work on site is safely carried on the machine, no carrying, pushing or lifting of heavy components is required.

GTR 780 Standard

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Tech­nical Data

Honda GX 270
Performance at 3.600 RPM
6,3 kW / 8,4 PS
Torque at 3.000 RPM
19,1 Nm
270 cm³
5,3 l
Oil Capacity
1,1 l


2.300 mm
780 mm
Height Transport
1.200 mm
Height Mast
3.100 mm
Weight (without attachments)
650 kg

Addi­tional Data

Dynamic Probing

Dynamic Probing
DPL 10 kg
DPM 30 kg
DPH 50 kg
SPT 63,5 kg
Number of Blows
15 - 30 blows per Minute
Dropping Height
500 mm / 750 mm
up to 90 mm Diameter

GTR 780 Standard



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