AX 01 Plate Bearing Tester

The AX 01 Plate Bearing Tester is used for earthworks, foundations and road construction to determine the deformability, strength and bearing capacity of soils and base layers.
The results of the test are calculated and displayed immediately and in addition to that stored at the SD card (the electronic device evaluates the two strain moduli and their ratio). Besides that the thermal printer provides an immediate printout of the results: the measurement data (average compressive strength below the plate and the corresponding deflection of the load plate) are shown in a printed diagram. By the use of the SD Card it is also possible to transfer the measured data to the PC, where one can work with them in every detail.
The whole equipment can be used by one person and in the case of rain also. The compact design (LxBxH: 1150x340x260 mm) of the AX01 allows easy transportation in the trunk of a car.

Tech­nical Data

Electronic Device

Plate diameters adjustable
300 mm, 600 mm, 762 mm
1 SD Card
Capacity for about 200 tests
Thermal printer
58 mm print width
Precision of deflection measurement
0,01 mm
Precision of normal stress measurement
0,0001 MN/qm (printed and stored), 0,001 MN/qm (displayed)
Rechargeable Battery
4.8 V, 4 Ah, charged within 2 h, about 48 h battery life
About 4 kg

Test tripod

Measurement of deflection
Directly according to DIN 18134 and other standards
Test beam
Can be folded-out, extractable
Hemispherical feet
Optimal placement at rough and soft surfaces
Displacement sensor made from stainless steel and stroke of 15 mm
Short (250 mm) and long (500 mm) fixture for pits deeper 0.3 m
14.8 kg

Loading apparatus

Hydraulic jack assembly
100 kN force
Hydraulic pump
Bearing plate
Made from steel S355JO, stainless surface, diameter of 300 mm
Force sensor made from stainless steel
100 kN
Extension set
2 x 25 mm, 2 x 50 mm, 2 x 100 mm, 2 x 150 mm (complete height 650 mm, complete weight 3.4 kg)
Upper magnetic ball joint
loadable up to 60kN, weight 0.7 kg


Test tripod folded
L 1150 x W 340 x H 260 mm
Test tripod unfolded
L 2230 x W 340 x H 310 mm
Heigth of the hydraulic jack (rectracted)
285 mm, stroke 150 mm
Weight of the hydraulic jack assembly (jack + pump + hose)
11.9 kg
Bearing plate with force sensor mounted
Diameter 300 mm, height 265 mm
Weight complete (without packaging, without transport box)
56.8 kg

AX 01 Plate Bearing Tester: complete buildup


Mobile case on rolls for easy transport in vehicle

1 case for pump and cylinder+ small case for extensions of the hydraulic cylinder
LxBxH: 122x50x40 cm
1 case for the measurement device and 300mm-plate
LxBxH: 50x60x40 cm

Additional plates

For coarse soil (needs big ball joint!)
Diameter 600 mm, weight 60 kg
For high-building, airfield-building (needs big ball joint!)
Diameter 792 mm, weight 92 kg
Big ball joint
Max. 20t resilience, weight 2kg, with magnet


For easy reading of the soil pressure in MN/qm caused by the 300mm-plate
Diameter 160mm, double scale with 0-250 bar and 0-5 MN/qm

Short hydraulic cylinder

100 mm hub, 50 kN, 350 bar
Moveable hinged foot at cylinder, no extension possible, adapter for diameter 32mm, 1,8m hose with connection to express coupling, height 51 cm
100 mm hub, 100 kN, 700 bar
Adapter for extension/magnet for diameter 25mm, adapter plate with diameter 32mm, 1,8m hose with connection to express coupling, height 60cm
150 mm hub, 200 kN, 700 bar
Adapter for exntension/magnet for diameter 25 mm, adapter for plate for diameter 32 mm, 1,8m hose with connection to express coupling, height 60 cm

Additional extensions for hydraulic cylinder and measuring bridge

Extensions for hydraulic cylinder (You get 2 extensions each pair with 25, 50, 100, 150 mm with the buy of the AX 01 Plate Bearing Tester); additional extension for measuring bridge for very deep measurements
Extensions 330 mm and 570 mm; Measuring bridge extension length 750 mm

AX 01 Plate Bearing Tester



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