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The RAMBO-System by Nordmeyer GEOTOOL is the possibility to pull undisturbed soil samples. A closed sampling tube with inner plastic liner together with a outer casing tube is drilled simultaneously into the ground by a drop weight. While the sampling tube is pulled after every meter the casing remains in the ground preventing soil from other layers or water disturbing the samples. We recommend for the RAMBO-System our drop weight system AFNOR A with a weight of 128kg out of a drop height of 75cm.


See here the video of the RAMBO S.

Product Options

System 115 mm
OD 115 mm / ID 100 mm
System 100 mm
OD 100 mm / ID 85 mm
System 85 mm
OD 85 mm / ID 60 mm
Recommended Blow Energy
> 900 Joule


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