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LMSR on Pick-Up

The dynamic probing rig LMSR on Pick-Up is a highly functional soil investigation machine, which can versatilely employed because of its fully hydraulic features, fed by an integrated hydraulic power pack. Self-evidently transport to and on site is simple and easy. Additional hydraulic legs ensure a quick vertical setup as well as a stable working setup. It can be used for soil-bearing capacity and compaction tests. Dynamic probing standards DP-L, DP-M, DP-H, DP-SH as well as SPT can be carried out. Adaption for different drop weight masses is realized by removing or adding weight bodies at the drop weight mechanism. Drop height can be varied between 50 and 750 mm by means of an adaptor bracket. Displacement of drop weight carriage on the mast is hydraulically realized by the mast chain, a manual rope winch is not required. Furthermore the hydraulic power pack can serve a rod extraction unit or cylinder as well.

In addition the LMSR on Pick-Up can be applied for window sampling with hydraulic jack hammer. Further to that it is possible to open a concrete surface by a diamond coring device. All additional features can be carried on the Pick-Up.

LMSR on Pick-Up

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Tech­nical Data

System Pressure
160 bar
Hydraulic Oil
BP Energol HLP - HM 46


4.500 mm
2.000 mm
2.750 mm
Total Weight
500 kg

Addi­tional Data

Dynamic Probing

Dynamic Probing
DPL 10 kg
DPM 30 kg
DPH 50 kg
SPT 63,5 kg
Number of Blows
15 - 30 Blows per Minute
Dropping Height
500 mm / 750 mm
Window Sampling
up to 90 mm Diameter

Specifications Hammer

25 / 39 kg
Number of Blows
1.150 / 1.500 blows per Minute
20 / 30 litre per min.
System Pressure
120 / 125 bar

Specification Drilling

100 mm / 150 mm
Water Drilling Head
Length Head
500 mm

Spare parts

Spare Parts

If your LMSR on Pick-Up is broken please take a look at our spare parts. With the below link you will be directed into our spare part area.

LMSR on Pick­-Up



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